History of Twitter

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.This is a timeline of microblogging service Twitter.
  • Company operation

    Jack Dorsey steps down, and Evan Williams takes over as CEO. Twitter raises money, gets celebrity endorsements and publicity, and continues to grow rapidly. The first tweet from space occurs during this period. Twitter also announces that it will start allowing for advertising in the form of promoted tweets -- "ordinary tweets that businesses and individuals want to highlight to a wider group of users."

  • Creation

    Twitter launches as a product of parent company Odeo. It grows slowly until March 2007, where usage grows dramatically after it is showcased at the South by Southwest Interactive (SXSW) conference.

  • Financial/legal

    Evan Williams steps down as CEO, and Dick Costolo takes over. The company starts making acquisitions, closes a $800 million Series G, puts its advertising plans to fruitions, launches site redesigns, and continues to grow.

  • Financial/legal and company operation

    Twitter grows rapidly under CEO Jack Dorsey, completing two funding rounds and launching official support for hashtags.

  • Product

    Dick Costolo departs Twitter and Jack Dorsey assumes the role of interim CEO. Commentators note that the "founder's instincts" are influencing the product's new direction.

  • Product

    Twitter announces plans and files relevant legal documents in October 2013 so as to go public. In November 2013, it has its initial public offering. Post-IPO, the company's pace of acquisitions increases dramatically.