History of Microsoft

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  • Creation
    March 10, 1975
    Microsoft is founded and starts out creating its first software products, such as the MS-DOS operating system.
  • Products
    May 10, 1985
    Microsoft moves to Redmond, IPOs, launches Microsoft Office and its first GUI. This would lead it to dominate much of the software market and put it in conflict with Apple Inc. Until 1995, Microsoft had failed to take advantage of the rising popularity of the Internet.
  • New Product
    March 10, 1995
    Microsoft releases Windows 95 and Windows 98, both which become extremely popular. It expands its presence on the Internet, and it develops an overwhelming share of the desktop operating system and Internet browser market. It also goes through an antitrust lawsuit.
  • Windows ME
    August 10, 2000
    Microsoft releases Windows ME (considered to be a botched release), which is then patched up by the popular Windows XP, which retains an overwhelming share of the OS market for a long time. Microsoft also releases the Xbox, which would eventually compete with the Playstation as one of the most popular gaming devices.
  • Windows Vista
    February 10, 2007
    Microsoft releases Windows Vista (which is considered to be a botched release), and then Windows 7 to fix up the botch-up. While it still retains a significant share in the desktop operating system market, it does not anticipate the smartphone revolution. Microsoft also starts losing its share of the browser market to Firefox and Google Chrome, and MSN starts losing share of the search engine market to Google. Apple, Microsoft's old nemesis, would also introduce the iPhone, which would gradually eat into the overall Microsoft share of computing devices. Bill Gates continues to have diminishing involvement over the company.
  • Windows 8
    January 10, 2011
    The desktop operating system market is collapsing, as is the market share of Windows-based programming languages among developers. Some question Microsoft's future under Steve Balmer. Windows 8 is released, but it is considered to be a botched release.
  • Windows 10
    August 10, 2016
    Microsoft appoints Satya Nadella as CEO, and its stock starts recovering again. Microsoft releases Windows 10, whose features help it compete with Google and Facebook to establish the strongest hold over people's digital lives.